Monday, May 05, 2008

Chuck Norris is in your base, killing all your dudes

This weekend was filled with awesome times. Number one, I got my hairs cut and I actually like it. Still getting used to it, but am pleased overall. I would post a picture of the new do so that my family can see what I look like now but alas, I have none. My camera has been at Angie's house for days. So, to those of you that haven't seen me in awhile, let me warn you. I have undergone a series of hair cuts and now have a short bob with bangs. I am not an imposter, still your loveable Sarah Jones. And as always, blond. And I love my new hair stylist that I have been trying to see for ages now at Angie's advise. There is something special about a hairstylist that you connect with. And want to go see several shows with this summer. And gives you a hug at the end of your appointment.

Secondly, Amy kidnapped me and we went on a quest to find Chuck Norris paraphernalia, which is more difficult than it might sound. I got some delicious Pad Thai and we continued our quest with Angie in tow. I like being kidnapped.

Third of all, there was the constructing of a super awesome cake (which I do not have pictures of again due to my camera not being at home). It had camouflage frosting and was adorned with laminated images of Chuck Norris. It was pretty beautiful I was proud. And the recipient of the cake seemed pleased with the results. We also collected some pretty great original Chuck Norris factoids and the birthday boy was gifted the entire 4th season (and best in my opinion) of Walker Texas Ranger for his viewing pleasure. I know Grandpa, you are pretty jealous about now.

Lastly, there was lots of nerd speak coupled with dating discussion as well and worst kiss competition. Our Californian visitor who has crafted a super realistic star wars light saber was asked about his worst kiss. He came back with an "I make light sabers". Nough said. I really think the quirky cool and genius smart nerds need more action. Then again. So do I.

The end. I love my friends, Chuck Norris, nerds, and a strong jaw.


SummerChild said...

your chuck norris party sounds amazing!! Man, i miss out on all the fun being away from slc!

When I saw your hair you looked completely adorable. By the way, it was so good to see you a few weeks back, even for a brief moment wearing undies and dance dance dancing with you!


Mikie said...

Chuck Norris can speak braille.

Seriously. The title of this post alone is money. Awesome times.