Wednesday, December 12, 2007


I know that this is old news for my family as Nina has already posted about my new found inspiration, the Gluten Free Girl. And that I have very few friends who share my passion for all things gluten free, and even fewer of them that read my blog. But nonetheless, my diet has become much of who I am (ever hear the saying, you are what you eat?) so I'm sharing.

My entire life, I have had a love/hate relationship with food. I loved it, all kinds, and in great portions. And then hated it later. What it did to my body. And I'm not talking merely about weight gain here folks, it's how it made me feel physically almost immediately after. There was pain, discomfort, severe lethargy, and what I later learned was malnourishment. It contributes to depression, and prevents the body from receiving the sustenance it needs. I never felt good. It didn't matter what fad (or just traditional good balanced) diet I tried, what form of exercise I implemented, what weight I lost or gained, I was constantly sick to my stomach and learned early on that maybe this is just something I have to learn to live with.

You might imagine my reaction when my eyes where opened to the concept of the gluten was one of scepticism. Jess was always trying new things (because her health problems expanded much past the realm of my constant discomfort). And when lupis was ruled out, the gluten thing sounded pretty her. I really only jumped on the bandwagon because she (being the oldest child) is so persistent, and I (being the middle/peacemaker/pushover) relent so easily. But I am glad I did. And did I mention that another sister and my mother are both gluten free now? Christina knows that she will be someday. She's always been a little more stubborn than I. (And I mean that in the best way possible Nina).

I only mention this all because I am embarrassed on occasion at how much I obviously talk about the issue. It becomes apparent when people start teasing me that I can't eat things (that I know full well are gluten free) because I'm going to maybe die. The teasing is warranted, and actually sometimes appreciated. The people who are genuinely skeptical and try to get me to eat glutenous foods even though I insist that I will be sick, are another story. So yes, I get excited when I see foods packaged as being gluten free items. I also get excited about whole, fresh, and natural foods, (seeing as how they don't contain those nasty gluten filled preservatives). I finally feel as if I have a healthy relationship with food, I feel whole. I now understand why I constantly felt as if I didn't have the same stamina as others. And I now am finally getting excited about gluten free cooking.

The venture into gluten freedom seems at first like one of bondage, but it is freedom. All you see at first are the limits, but as I read the words of the Gluten Free Girl, how she loves good food and the hands that create it, how she is passionate about these gifts from God that are to nourish and not hurt our bodies. And her recipes are not only for the sickly, but are just about all around good food. A little less gluten never hurt anyone as far as I can tell.

I now see that the possibilities are endless. I am no longer afraid of food. So when you see the Gluten Free Girl on my sidebar, know that it is something that makes a huge difference in my life and makes me happy and healthy. And don't be afraid to warn me against eating gluten filled foods teasingly or otherwise. Because I will regret it if I do.

And watch for subsequent posts on my gluten free cooking endeavors.


Sneakers said...

I have a good friend with Celiac's, so I can appreciate to a minor degree what you're talking about. You go, girl!

SummerChild said...

I keep seeing gluten free stuff here in new york that just has your name written all over it in big letters. SARAH JONES. I'm serious. You are amazing for knowing your body.

LuLuBelle said...

Imagine the aroma of blueberry muffins baking, gluten free blueberry muffins. Imagine biting into a warm muffin that is slightly crispy on top and all sweet warm and gooey inside. This is how I started my day today and it was GOOD!

shauna said...

I stumbled onto this somehow, and I am so glad I did.

I feel really humbled and happy that what I write could help you. I'm telling you, we are all in this together.

The teasing? That will stop when people take in just how happy and healthy you are. And believe me, I talk about gluten-free all day long! People grow used to it.



Spencer said...

One time my mom decided she had a wheat allergy and took gluten completely out of our diet. However, I feel like this is a made up condition like post-partum depression, carpal tunnel, chronic fatigue and AIDS. Totally kidding on the AIDS one.

Sarita said...

Totally made up. But don't forget RLS. Restless Leg Syndrome? Sounds bogus to me.

Angie said...

RLS is NOT bogus. Jerks.

Rachel said...

Yeah, I turn my life upside down, spend tons of money on weird food, and never eat anything at a party except what I brought. I just want attention.

Spencer said...

Hey listen made up diseases aren't bad. Look at how much good they have done for Marie Osmond's career. Or Magic Johnson's. Or better yet; Michale J. Fox's. The jury is still out whether he has a made up disease of just acting. Kidding.