Thursday, September 06, 2007

Overheard in line at Cafe Rio

Dude with cool hair and threads:

"I mean, how old are we, 13? Do I have to write her a note with boxed options for yes, no, and maybe?.............Actually, that's not a bad idea, except I might need a few more options like Yes, with evidence of future financial stability. "


I hate it when the dress I pulled out of my dirty clothes to wear to work ends up having food stains on it. It's kinda flowy, and worn over leggings. I hope those two things will distract the eye from the stains. Or I could, you know, wear clean clothes.


ThomCarter said...

Why would you want to wear clean clothes?

I think your nice. If the states between us fall into the ocean (as you suggest is an option) would you

Like to Hang out
Yes []
No []
Maybe []
Yes with some kissing []
Yes with some spooning []
We'll see []

Sneakers said...

I'm going to steal this entry and expand upon it.

Is it sill plagiarism if you tell the person ahead of time?

Sarita said...

Yup, still plagiarism. But my favorite kind. So go ahead.

$teve said...

I actually wore some jeans one day after I returned from a trip because there were no clean ones...and somebody asked me, "Are those M&Ms on your pants?" They I instinctively replied, "Melts in your mouth, not in your hand." Luckily, she thought I was cute, so no papers were served the next day.

christina said...

wearing clean clothes is completely over-rated.

and papers do not get served that quickly, as i found out this morning when the police told me the restraining order that was granted last week and served yesterday still is not in their system.

i have to stop turning my comments into posts.

love ya, sare.

Britten said...

Restraining order for Christina? Where have I been?

Actually, not here, which has saddend me so now I'm here.

I love that you heard that conversation. So funny.

Don said...

Don't worry about it. Guys wear the same pair of jeans for a whole week (if not longer) before washing them.

Yeah, not sure if I should be sharing male secrets... Ooops!