Wednesday, August 29, 2007


Kinda. I just reread that last post and felt like a whiny baby. I almost didn't come to work today. And yesterday. Partially because I'm unmotivated, partially because I'm fatigued, partially because paid a big bill and didn't budget well and wasn't sure if I had gas funds enough for my commute to work this whole week before getting paid. All lame excuses. I'm finding solice in the fact that I actually am here. Even though I was late from getting dressed twice and laying on my bed trying to justify calling in sick because of my headache and queasy stomach (which I get when I stress, especially in the mornings, to the point that I have to sit down in the shower so I wont be sick/pass out. This is pretty much a daily routine.). But I came to my senses and am here. This queasiness has been a big trend (one I recognize from the past) lately. The correlation just hit me. I must be daft.

Okay so my retraction just turned into Sarah making herself sound even more pathetic. Wasn't the intention, but it's cathartic and even revelatory. To myself at least. I will stop blogging about all this soon. I promise. For now, it helps.


ThomCarter said...

You are not PATHETIC!! You are good, strong woman who has weaknesses - The End.

What you need is some ThomCarter time. Since those states inbetween us aren't falling into the ocean, I'll have to figure something else out!

salleejane2 said...

No need to retract whining. If I did that a good portion of my life would be lost. We do love you lots and want you to be happy and healthy. FYI Ash and I were talking about you at the Josh concert--that's right all that cheezy romance made us think of you. You should be flattered

PS. I'd let you borrow my car but the scoot's in the shop and my bike is no more. But if you need a little cash to get you through till payday don't hesitate to ask.

Sarita said...

See what I mean? My Sallee.

Marie said...

Blogs are for venting.

That sounds like one helluva ride you've been through. I'dve melted down long ago -- you must be a strong one.

I'd offer to take your kitty for awhile, but my cat doesn't play well with others.

But I do have one word of advice for you: MASSAGE.

UCMT, Saturdays, $25 for 50 minutes. Worth every last dime. Ask for a sports injury massage. You'll be sore for a few days, but when the pain is gone you feel like you've been given a new body.

Mikie said...

Totally pathetic, GEEEZ.

Actually, I wanted to add that, though you're super stressed, I still admire you for going after the photography thing. I know that adds to a pretty full plate and I probably wouldn't dare try that... so way to have the courage to take the leap and stress yourself out ;) It's cool if you need to vent and even break down sometimes (like when you work out, right? break em down so you can build back up stronger...)

Anyhoww, just remember how many people are rooting for you =)

Rachel said...

I think the queasy stomach must run in the family because I went through a period where I was throwing up several times a day every day. Yes, I know all of blogland wants to know. And this was BEFORE I was ever pregnant. I got over it. You will too. But you have to take care of yourself.

I really, really, REALLY reccomend these: ( I have no idea how to make that into a real link). You can usually find them on ebay for cheaper, cause I know they are pricey. They are really helping me. The other thing that helped me during my upchuck phase was decreasing my responsibility load a LOT.

Hang in there and know that you're not crazy and not a baby, you just have crazy genes!! (and probably jeans, but as I am in Louisiana I wouldn't know).

Remember, you are a strong, capable, creative, loving, bringer of peace and happiness to all around you. You can be that for yourself, too.

p.s. call me

p.p.s. can you tell, I'm not really a robot. Robots don't puke. At least, not my kind of puke.

Sneakers said...

It's times like these that I get re-acquainted with Billy Joel, particularly "You're Only Human".

SummerChild said...

I wish you hadn't gone to work and had instead played with me!

SummerChild said...

i have a question for you... i was reading up on some other people's blogs and came across a secret crush confession. And I have to say, it sounded a bit like you. I've come to be familiar with your writing style, and I do know that you secretly stalk via blogs, so I was a tad bit curious. If it was you, it is a totally worthy crush to have, because this particular individual is quite crush worthy, even in public. Just curious.

Britten said...

Sarah, your headaches and upset stomach sound like what Kaiya has. I think she may have the same type of anxiety you do. Hmmmm...