Friday, August 17, 2007

Go ahead, call me easy

Easy to please, easy to impress. Easy to surprise, easy to scare. Easy to convince that sushi at midnight is a fabulous idea. Easy to amuse. I'm easy. Real easy.

Well, as long as you know how anyway. To please, impress, surprise, or scare me.

Once, a long time ago, after my family had gone to see Jurassic Park at the theater, Dad wanted me to take out the trash. It was dark, and the movie, with it's giant dinosaurs and jump scenes and all got to me. I expressed my fear. Of dinosaurs attacking between the front door and the garbage cans. Mom, in a knowing mother voice, said "Chris, just take it out for her.....". He settled on going out with me. Now, having my father outside with me, I was fine. I went to the dark side of the house and headed back towards the lit porch, when my large in stature father jumped from the bushes and growled at me. I immediately started to cry.

Take me to a scary movie. I will probably jump in your lap. And scream at the least scary parts.

Tell me that I'm pretty, and you're golden. I will sheepishly say thanks while blushing.

Tell me you want to go grab a diet coke, sushi, a movie, cafe rio, a frozen banana, ice cream, a show in the park, it's the most exciting part of my life.

This is why when talk in the conference room over boxes of pizza turned to how Sarah can't eat wheat, which someone turned to people asking if I was a vegetarian also (because wheat allergies and vegans are totally linked) and the one resident vegan talked about his friends who are freegans. They're vegans unless of course the food is free.

I will think it's the funniest thing I've heard all day.

I'm easy.


Rachel said...

That's great!!! I'm on a diet unless there is sugar available.

Potcherboy said...

You're also pretty.:)

Michael said...

I knew lots of freegans in college. And in college it basically means you aren't vegetarian at all since you take every opportunity you can to eat free food. I liked them better than picky vegans because you can't take picky vegans anywhere.

Food allergies must suck. I'm sorry you can't eat wheat, because bread is so delicious. Do you eat funny bread made of rice and beans? Do you eat hamburgers with no bun? Does everyone think you are just doing an atkins diet? Do they constantly ask "why are you doing atkins, you don't need to lose weight because you're already perfectly pretty"? Do you get tired of people asking dumb things about the fact that there's something you don't eat as though it defines you or makes up the bulk of your life?

Oh, and I don't know you- so I can't really say whether or not you're pretty. But- your blog is well writen (an thus got added to my feed reader) and your picture is certainly quite pretty (which persuades me you probably are pretty as well- but I cant be certain since you may actually just be a photoshop master.)

Yeah, not eating wheat. That must suck.

beans said...

you're forgetting easily lovable :) said...

Next time I am in town do you want to go grab a diet coke (I'll have water or Lemonaid), sushi, a movie, cafe rio, a frozen banana, ice cream, a show in the park?

Sarita said...

I really wasnt soliciting pretty compliments (although they are readily me blush).

And I really shouldnt have disclosed my weaknesses for flattery, diet coke, etc.

Ah well.

Your on Thom.

(and yes Michael, I get the atkins thing all the time. But my favorite is in restaurants when I ask if they have info on the gluten content of their menu, and they point out their low fat menu options....notated by a picture of a grain....probably wheat. They must tune out the whole allergy explanation I just gave). said...

Wait . . . do we have a date?

Congratulations to me!

Sarita said...

Correction: I meant "You're on Thom". I hate it when I do that. And am surprised that my English degreed sister has not yet corrected me.

Sure Thom, next time you are in Utah.

Funny how I get solicited for dates after I confess that I'm easy.......

Rachel said...

It's the other sister you have to worry about. You, know, the grammar nazi. I failed my grammar class. And still managed to obtain my degree!

Britten said...

Easy to score on the dates! I mean, not score with the dates...never mind.