Wednesday, June 27, 2007

The Great Lake Swimmers - To Leave it Behind

Saw them last night at Kilby Court. They are from Canada. Toronto to be exact. Which is cool in of itself, not to mention their cool melodic music that just puts me at ease. See the lake in the video? It's probably Lake Ontario. Which is one great lake, lemme tellya. And I know these things because I am #1 smart, and #2 I lived there on the lake. Well, not right there, because that is probably east of the big city because you don't see big buildings and boats and docks and the like. I lived in the big city. Which is why I got all giddy on the inside when Tony would talk about The TO with an ever so slight Canadian accent.

The clincher was when he started to sing a song I hadn't yet heard.

Now when I started to listen to the lyrics, I freaked out only as a nerdy nostalgic RM could. See, The Spadina, St. George, Bay, and Yonge part is referring to subway stations in Toronto. These are stations and streets from my last area. Ones I know very very well. All things considered, I very much past the nerdy RM stuff and have moved on with my life. But have not forgotten.

I purchased the cd and was talking to Tony about it. Told him that I had lived in Toronto. He said those were his stations. I told him they were mine as well. He was pretty impressed. I could tell. We bonded in that moment.

In other news.....

I attended the show with 2 of my favorite people, Courtney and Bob. Afterwards, they offered to take in Gidget. I like them even more. I'm taking her to get spayed tomorrow. Bob said that was good, because they didn't want Oliver (their little dog) getting her pregnant. That it would be just awkward. Funny thing is, when I made arrangements to go pick her up from her current babysitter today, it was mentioned that the Gidg is getting a little fat. I have a fear that she might be with child. Which doesn't help matters. Promiscuous girl.

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