Monday, January 22, 2007

A few very important items of business....

Yes, so has anyone heard of the upcoming Amazing Grace with Ioan Gruffud? Some of you may know him better as Horatio Hornblower. Well, anyway, you must go here now, and then follow the links to the trailer (yes I could have linked it directly but this was much easier, and besides, Miss Nemesis's' blog is quite the read). But I am excited beyond measure for this treat.

Yesterday, was fabulous as church was excellent (of course, when is it not?) and the afternoon was spent in the splendor known as watching BBC's version of Jane Austen's Persuasion that Amelia got at the library. That Jane has a way of getting to me. She's so funny. And realistic. And I think that men tend to not like her because she portrays some of their funniest attributes which are : being fickle with the hearts of women, proud, and so adorably awkward in the face of actual love. I like her for that. And also for exposing silly women for being just that. And sensible and smart woman for being spectacularly wonderful. And maybe a little proud in their own right sometimes, but we will forgive them that.

On Saturday, Amelia and I attended a Sundance film by the name of War Dance. Yes, it is a little depressing, definitely eye opening, but uplifting at the same time. It chronicles the stories of three children from the war zone of northern Uganda. And how music and dance saves them, makes them forget of the horrible things they have seen and even been forced to do as some of them have previously been abducted and made into child soldiers. The film is done so very well. It just amazes me to see and hear these kids tell of what they endure, and see that despite that they are still just children. It's an amazing story. I encourage others to see it.


Nemesis said...

I love the BBC version of Persuasion. Isn't Captain Wentworth so wonderful?

"I tried to forget you . . . I thought I had."


Britten said...

Ioan is the HOTNESS!! His portrayal of Lancelot makes me hungry...


Can't wait to see this new one!