Wednesday, January 03, 2007

Feliz Ano Nuevo David Bowie

Back to regular life. Regular being not unpacking my suitcase. Correction, my suitcase is almost empty, but somehow nothing is put away. I probably should do some laundry tonight. A good sign that Sarah should wash her clothes is when she shows up to work in a skirt. Never a good sign.

New Years Resolutions:

The big abstract ones: Make positive changes happen in my life. Be proactive. Organize (really this time, I mean it).

The specific meaningless ones: Go to see a movie by myself. I don't know why, but I want to, and never have.

That's about it. I went grocery shopping last night so I feel like this year is off to a good start. :)


Christmas night I watched Labyrinth for the first time in a long time. Jessica gifted a DVD set of that and Dark Crystal to herself, and so we had to watch it. I still love that movie. Even though it totally creeps me out. And i like the music. Funny thing: my entire life I, and my sisters, all of whom have watched this movie repeatedly thought the lyrics to the Dance Baby Dance song went "put that magic spell on me, slap that baby make it pee". Which we thought was totally bizarre, and didn't get, but found amusing. I finally decided to look it up and much to my dismay it is actually "make it free" which doesn't exactly make more sense, but at least now we know and knowing is half the battle.

Nothing like David Bowie in a mullet and spandex to make Christmas complete.


beans said...

Oh, Sarah! Good times man. Thanks for clearing up those lyrics for Mitch and I. We thought it was "pee", too. hahaha. david Bowie...what a stud.

Sarita said...

Oh Breena, hows your little baby coming along? And Christmas? How was that?

LuLuBelle said...

I've always wanted to go see a movie by myself too but still have not ever been brave enough or had a real reson to do it. I almost did one day in Santa Barbara while Dad was in a business seminar but decided to explore the city on my own instead.