Tuesday, January 09, 2007

Church is fun

This Sunday in testimony meeting:

2/3rds of the people who got up were not in our ward, and everyone started to laugh each time it was announced.

2 guys tried to sell that they were exceptionally good looking and solicit dates over the pulpit.

1 Australian guy (different than one mentioned in earlier posts, and who Amelia seems to think is British, but I can't see how that was a British accent and not Australian) gave away the ending of the new Rocky. Unintentionally. Good thing I saw it the night before.

2 guys sat behind me who I recognized as my good friends ex-fiance (who was a jerk) and friend, and who apparently didnt recognize me as I am utterly forgetable leaned forward to ask what the ward boundaries were. I answered and then looked at him and said (in quite the sassy tone "You dated so and so". He looked shocked and muttered something about how he better move a few rows back and I thought, yes sir, you know what you did and felt like a brat. Seriously, he remembered Amelia when she sat down, whose hair/appearance has changed dramaticly but had no recollection of me. This happens all the time people.

Oh and in Sunday school, Mr McCreepy came in late as Amelia was teaching and made a b-line to sit exactly in front of me. She started to laugh. In the middle of her lesson. I tried my hardest to avoid him, but he spent half the lesson turned around asking why I hated him. And making creepy comments about my clothes, and trying to put his hand on my knee, while I tried not to look at him and barely acknowledged the guy. When he got tired of that, he remained turned all the way around (as he was in the front row) and scoped out the rest of the class. The entire time. Seriously, even when the guy seems to be in full stalker mode, he's on the prowl. Must be a gift of some kind.

In other news........Rachel had her baby last night! I don't have any other info! Except that he's born! Wait for updates!


Stacia said...

maybe you can marry mr. mccreepy. you never know.

Sarita said...

I'm sure in some alternate universe I could without spontanuously combusting in the process, but for the time, it seems highly unlikely.

Manda said...

Congrats to Rachel and condolences to you, my friend. One word: Tazer. That's all I'm gonna say.

Sarita said...

thank you manda. and thank you. i really am trying to bring the tazer back in vogue for such occasions. in fact, I'm working on the prototype with Apple for the iTaz (personal creep protection in a mp3 player? what more could a girl ask for?). watch for it in stores.

Amanda said...

I'll take five.