Monday, December 04, 2006

Oh Holy Fast Sunday

As I saunter into the chapel yesterday, during the opening hymn, I sit down and notice someone new sitting up on the stand. It only took a couple seconds to register that it was Elder Oaks. He's awesome. And was making faces at someone from the stand. Apparently when he doesn't have a stake conference assignment, he likes to pop in on unsuspecting wards. Amelia muttered something about please don't be coming to Sunday school as she was teaching yesterday. Sure enough, he announced that he was going to be attending all of our classes. I've never seen anyone look so dismayed. She did an excellent job though, and only tripped over her words twice. It really was a good lesson. She shared a story from the mission when we were teaching Maria from Equatorial Guinea. The woman remains very near and dear to my heart. And yes, I got a little misty. After class, some guy that I have never seen before walked up to me as I am sitting in my chair still looking for something in my purse. All I know is all of a sudden there was a hand on my knee and a deep voice said "I can tell that you're a sensitive person." I looked up trying not to laugh because I'm pretty sure he was being serious, and explained how Amelia and I were mission companions and wondered when he was going to remove his hand from my knee. He made some comment about he wasn't in the ward but his friend told him that all the cute girls were here, and he was right. Wink wink. And that he was going to call me the cute crying girl. I'm all for a little attention, but this was just awkward. No matter, he moved on after invading my personal space to tell some other girl that she must be a model while stroking her arm.

But hey, Amelia taught an apostle.


Britten said...

Stay away from the guys who start off the relationship with a nickname for you.

Nicknames are only to be given after some tred has been worn down on the tires.

Elder Oaks! Talk about intimidation...I think I would have wet myself if I were Amelia.

Sarita said...

I was talking to my father last night and he asked if this guy was as borish as I made him sound. People. If you only knew. I was being nice. He came to ward prayer at our house later that night and suceeded in royally freaking me out to the point that this other guy asked if I'd feel more comfortable if he stayed until the creepy guy left. To which I answered in the affirmative.