Monday, December 11, 2006

Imogen Heap and Mr. McCreep

The concert was on Friday, and was more than I could have expected. Granted, standing through the openers with no space to call my own was a chore, but worth it. And actually they weren't bad, I was just claustrophobic. Kid Beyond is a beat boxer who does amazing things with his mouth. Honestly, not a style I would usually be drawn to, but it was pretty incredible. Imogen usually uses her own beat box while playing and looping all her backup (which just blows me away) but Kid stood in and looped his own stuff for her.

Great show, she's so down to earth and freakin talented. And quirky. Awesome display of lights and color and costume. And wonderful English accent. I rarely go to concerts anymore, because I'm not up for the standing for days on end while ending up a little too close for comfort with strangers. But every once and a while, the artist merits the sacrifice.
Britten, wish you could have been there.

Oh and the girl behind my dear friend Nichole and myself kept making some comment about not being able to see and it's not her fault that she has amazon women standing in front of her. Nichole, whose tolerance for rude people was fading fast, quickly remarked, "It's not my fault that your a midget".


Had another little run in with the guy who calls me the cute crying girl (which I kind of resent, because I wasn't crying). And lest you think I be a harsh individual, let me fill you in a little more. So, yes, he creeped me out my putting his hand on my knee and saying that he can tell that I'm a sensitive person, looking at me with what I can only describe as bedroom eyes, but there's more people.......

In the incident of last week: I was having a nice little conversation with a hilarious kid who kept giving me fake names. Mr. McCreepy was nearby creeping out the girl he called a model (this is after I literally had to run away from him and start talking to some random person so he would stop touching me), suddenly, Creepy busts out very loudly to everyone in the room (and remember, He didnt know any of us), "So I asked out this fat chick once and maybe you guys will get this, cuz I don't......" all conversation stopped at this point, "so I called her once and told her that I might lose her because my service wasn't very good, and when I did she wouldn't accept anymore of my calls, what's up with that? It's not like anyone else is going to ask her out..... she was really overweight, pretty, but fat...." Funny guy tried to lighten the situation as no one really seemed to know how to respond, "Oh, so you mean the junk in the trunk kind of thing....." and then Creepy starts again, "No more like on top and don't give me that look, I'm a man, that's all she really had to offer, I guess that's what I get for asking out fat chicks at Costco." I regret that I kind of laughed in a I-cant-believe-what-I-just-heard kind of way.

I made myself scarce, he approaches me again and makes some comment about how he probably blew it huh, that I was really offended, and kept putting his arm around me while I shrugged away. I really didn't know how to respond. It's moments like these where my tactful superpowers are really a handicap. He just wouldn't quit. I finally managed to lose him and hoped that he wouldn't be returning to our ward as he doesn't belong to it, but alas, yesterday, he walks up behind me and it continues......he invades my personal space and asks if I've taken any pictures of him because he wouldn't want them ending up on my wall......I said no. Asks if I was offended the other night. The thing is, I don't offend that easily. What he said was distasteful and unattractive, but I not wanting to talk to him has more to do with him making me all together uncomfortable. So I muttered some exasperated I don't know, shrugged his arm off me and said I really had to go. Seriously, at ward prayer, when he just wouldn't leave me alone, this other guy comes up and asks if I'd like it if he stayed until McCreepy was gone. I answered in the affirmative. So it's not just me! The chivalrous guy says, "Yeah, he's a loser, and this coming from a someone who hasn't had a date in over a year". Posted by Picasa

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Kim said...

i hate McCreepy! Tell him he's rude and to stay back! Hold out your hand in stop sign fashion and just let him have it Sarah. i hate him. Hate is a harsh word, but since I really don't know him i feel it's okay to use it. He's mean and cruel and doesn't deserve to have the love of any woman until he learns to be nice. Creep.
Wish I could have a few minutes alone with him.