Monday, November 06, 2006

Monday Monday

Hi all. I am filled with pride at the moment as I managed to embarrass the ward player/flirt on Sunday. Granted there are probably much more important accomplishments one could have made at church, but this is mine.

It wasn't much really, but I noticed when he bore his testimony in sacrament meeting that his tie and sweater were almost unbelievably coordinated. Both striped, and different in design, but the same color scheme and difficult to pull off. So, when he came into relief society to make some announcement and asked if anyone had any questions, I was feeling a tad sassy and raised my hand, asking "How did you manage to coordinate your tie and sweater so well?" He turned red and muttered something along the lines that it has to do with being incredibly goodlooking? and I don't know......blushing even more as the girls laughed. I felt a little bad. But not so much as he sorta led on my friend and then snubbed her. Paybacks a b.....brutal thing. :)

No it was all good natured. I did decide however that I would like to attend priesthood because the combined meeting that we had last week was much more entertaining (and educational). The guys seem to enjoy themselves whilst sharing and learning. Not to bag on my gender or anything, but the sweetness and pressure to express sappy sentiments only in RS can be tiring, and leave me restless, or sleepy. Not always the case, but whatever.

I also had a long conversation with a completely random guy via telephone last night. We had spoken previously regarding some institute scheduling and he was trying to figure out who this Sarah girl was in his phone. I must have been feeling sassy yesterday since we spoke for the better part of an hour, and I for some reason gave him the address to my blog and so he may read this and if he does, hi Ralph, if that is your real name.

Otherwise, I have a severe case of the Mondays. But strangely enough feels like a case of the Tuesdays (you know, when it's not the first day of the week, but you're not quite half done with the week, and so you feel like you still have the entire week ahead of you and the week already has felt long due to your case of the Mondays you had yesterday? I just realized that we don't usually give other days their own symptoms and didn't want anyone to feel left out...I will be sure to honor the remaining days of the week at a later time).


Mikie said...

Yeah here's to the case of the Mondays, I'm dragging today.

But I did have a good cackle at your story about embarassing the clothing-coordinated guy, thanks ;)

Rachel said...

I really like you, Sarita.

Sarita said...

Why thank you Rachel. That's a relief as it would be pretty sad if my own sister didnt like me.

I like you as well.



LuLuBelle said...

I love you too, and Rachel too & your other sisters as well, and their offspring and spouses too...can't leave anyone out.

Britten said...

Nice sassy comeback. I would like to have been there.