Thursday, October 26, 2006

Ice Ice Baby

Exciting things that have happened:

1. On my way to work, in less than a weeks time, I saw 2 completely separate individuals riding unicycles in the cold morning air. The one this morning was wearing a fedora, bow tie, and carrying a briefcase. I'm guessing he was in his late forties.

2. After diligently turning down Halloween candy at work, because I wasn't sure as to the gluten content in the options, I got curious and googled "snickers gluten" only to find out that they are in fact gluten free. I RAN to the front desk and dug through the orange ghost adorned plastic bucket muttering gibberish about being able to eat snickers and being soooooo happy.

3. A new girl in my ward spoke on Sunday regarding fear.....mainly fearing God before man. I really liked her take on it however as she confessed that she is big fraidy cat, and is still scared to go on the Haunted House at Disneyland, and refuses to see scary movies and is super jumpy. Amelia leaned over and whispered that we would get along. And we would. I don't think I'm as far gone as she, but then of course, her fears probably don't extend to mannequins as mine do. What I really need is a big manly man to protect me from the plaster and plastic of these frightening things.

4. It snowed yesterday. As in white stuff falling from the sky. Cold white stuff. Not powdered sugar, or mashed potatoes (I've listened to Maddie and Gracie's tape of the book Spaghetti with a chance of Meatballs one too many times). So this morning, I anticipated a little snowfall on the car that should easily brush off. Not such the case. My car was an iced vault and that white snow not so friendly and fluffy as rock solid . My doors wouldn't open. My scraper was inside the car. I finally got the trunk open by sawing through the ice with an old Subway points card tracing the outline of the trunk of the car enough that I could force it open, but not without bending my key. By the time I was on my way, I was 20 minutes late for work, my fingers were numb and stingy, and I still couldn't see out my windows all that well. Not a very friendly hello from Mr. Winter if you ask me.

Shoot, that's about it.

Except for the minor car accident I got in and the shooting last week behind my office, about 30 feet from were I usually park my is pretty normal.


Britten said...

You live in the jungle, man!

beans said...

Ah, the days of snow and parking outside. I sympathize with you. I too have used many of credit cards and BYU IDs to scrap my car. I finally had to break sown and buy a scraper, but I did live without one for two years.