Friday, August 04, 2006

Observations made as of ayer....

Too much Air Supply can't be good for a person. Or me.

I went to get some prints made yesterday, and the guy assisting me must be the champion of the Leslie Nielson look alike contest. Either that or his doppleganger. Really.

Donna Pinciotti is not my doppleganger. Despite the fact that she might look like me since she went blonde and started doing her hair like me. We have the same features, mannerisms, expressions, and happen to be the same age and height. She is also known in real life as Laura Prepon. (or Sarah Jones?)

When you listen to too much Air Supply in one day, you might get caught singing Lost in Love by the Sonic guy as he delivers your Diet Coke with cherries (not the flavoring, just the fruit), who might proceed to laugh at you while you blush profusely.

I started learning some medical terminology in Spanish yesterday (going to be a certified medical translator) and apparently retained very little from my biology and anatomy classes. Well at least when it comes to the male reproductive system (which we went over yesterday) and in Spanish.

Bare Escentuals bareminerals is the best makeup ever created. I hate to get all girly on you and gush about makeup, but seriously, it is superb stuff. The most weightless and natural good for your skin stuff out there. Given my extensive research, experience, testing, and knowledge. I just may be spoiled from here on out.

Pearls of wisdom: if you don't like what you see in the mirror, neither will anyone else. This is why when I look in the mirror I am keen on reminding myself that I am good enough, smart enough, and gosh darnit, people like me. (and they generally do?)

It may not be the best idea to "groove" to musical numbers in church. Courtney came to my ward on Sunday and during a very excruciating and yet endearing men's choir pointed out that my head was swaying to the music. Man, this is why people stare at me at church. Or try to salsa with me in the chapel.

All I can say is......Air Supply uses the phrase here I am an awful lot.


LuLuBelle said...

what's a doppleganger?
Sarah, you are beautiful and people do like you.

christina said...

a doppleganger is an evil twin.

Britten said...

Wasn't that guy named Stuart Smalley or something on SNL? The one who used to say in the mirror, "...and gosh darn it, people like me. As I recall, he was too funny, obsessed with Sarah Lee brand products and reminded me an awful lot like your dad.

"Dopplegangland" was an episode of Buffy.

I had an evil twin on Clovis West's colorguard...which was very appropriate in my case.

Hmmm..."Air Supply" ...too much air going to the head...too much air will give you brain farts.

Britten said...

I forgot some " may have noticed.

Sarita said...

No Britten. I did not notice as I am not the grammar and punctuation nazi named Rachel. Danged English degrees correcting me at every turn simply because I am either too a)busy or 2)lazy to proof read my posts.