Wednesday, August 30, 2006

The Latest

Number one sign that Sarah has lost touch with reality:
When I heard on the radio at work that one of the most wanted men in America was caught, my first thought was "Which one of the Prison Break escapees was it? Not Michael or Linc!" instead of assuming that it was Warren Jeffs. Which would of been much more realistic seeing as how he exists and all. In my defense, the escapees are presently bound for Tooele, Utah to find the stolen money, so they could have been pulled over in route by Nevada Highway Patrol or Metro, or whoever it was.

And....per recent conversations with my wonderful parents, apparently I should check out the LDS singles site. I guess there's just one. No, Mom and I were joking about it and moved on to other facetious comments about completely unrelated things, when she suddenly exclaimed "Ooh, maybe you should check out eHarmony. I'm watching a commercial right now, and this couple looks really happy. Thanks Mother. :)

But....this morning, I just couldn't win. I got out the door at a decent time, making my way to work, when after about 10 minutes I realized that I really couldn't see all that well, and oops, forgot to put in my contacts. Yes, I know, scary that it took me 10 minutes of driving to realize this. So I run home. And when I say run, I really mean drive home. Put in the contacts a little too fast, inducing streaming tears down one side of my face. And blinding pain. And for some unforeseen reason my eye drops that might help remedy the problem were in my purse. In the car. So I run back to the car, still with limited vision. Eyedrop away (bet you didn't know that eyedrop was a verb) and drive to work. Only to encounter the most horrific construction traffic ever seen. At least in my route to work. Stand still for 30 minutes. I call the office to let them know that I'll be late, and screw it, I'm stopping off at the cafeteria for breakfast. I do so, and get a delicious well deserved drink to go with my breakfast of champions. Only when I pulled into the parking lot at the clinic, there was no drink to be found as I had left it on the top of my car.
So here I am, and hour late for work, and beverage-less.

That's just how I roll.


Rachel said...

keep rollin!

LuLuBelle said...

How very sad. Just thinking about losing the "beverage" almost makes me tear up.

christina said...

Sounds like one heck of a morning.

Britten said...


To have that conclude your lousy morning, well, I think I would just go curl up in the fetal position on my desk...sucking my thumb...because I was also strawless.

Britten said...

And don't life consists of regular bouts of loosing touch with reality as a means of escaping it.

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