Monday, July 10, 2006

You mean, like, on vay-kay?

So I took a little break from life. Seriously, I didnt go home or really deal with normal stuff for over a week, and it was oh so nice. But now it's also oh so nice to face a normal schedule, my own house, and my own bed once again. A few things I learned.....

1. I love my family. Not that I didnt realize it before, but there is something about being away and then visiting the people that you are the most comfortable with and accepted by and can't you just feel the love? I sat next to Nina and unnamed baby boy yesterday at church. I just kept staring at her belly. It's so cool and a little odd. I love that girl. I love that we barbequed for dinner and the cooked meat all fell off the plate and into the dirt yesterday, so Dad just picked it up, washed it off, and reheated it....and we were okay with that. I love them.

2. I also love good friends (crap, this is sounding like a BYU ward testimony meeting, not my intention, hang in there). Those who love you and understand you, and that you arent perfect but think you're wonderful nevertheless. People who look out for you and get angry when they feel as if others are taking advantage of your kindness, and let you know when there's an issue, without any drama. Those who offer to help your sister to pack up her house until all hours of the night, and dont make you feel bad about it.

3. I love good weather (and may just have to move to California, even if my hair disagrees with the idea). It was gorgeous. I wore a swimsuit for the first time in some 5 years....(never been a big swimmer), and played in the ocean, and got some sun, and wandered around piers and small shops, and made small talk with strangers, and ate at the coolest 50's diner ever. Bob rented a boogyboard at the beach and the guy at the rental place asked him where he was from and "how the stress" was there. I love how laid back everyone is. I stopped caring how my hair looked or my makeup, or my clothes. I made minimal effort to beautify myself, and felt great about it.

4. I love rollercoasters (but mabye not a full day of them). I was a trooper, and went on everything, even when I thought I might be sick if I jumped on that one again just because there was no line. Even the last one that I swore I woulnt ride because it scared me to death. It was awesome, I felt like I was flying. And then I went again.

5. I love respectful people that dont yell profanity in front of youngsters just because someone called them on cutting in front of half the line, and ones that dont consider that giving his girlfriend a hickey in line is a fun thing to do, not to mention discussing his many STD's loud enough for me to hear. I did enjoy the plethora of mullets though.

I love to finish things. The End.


Britten said...

What fun you had Sarah! Makes me wish I could hang out with you guys, even more!

Were all the Joneses in CA and I didn't know it?

Sarita said...

Naw, just me and some friends. But I spent a little time in Vegas as well. Just enough time to play some slots.

Rachel said...

I love you too.

Kim said...

did you win anything (at slots)? i love that you guys washed off the meat and ate it anyway. that's what stomach acids are for. heehee...seriously...who hasn't had something like that happen - it's just life. i love you Sarah and I love your photographs. I wish i could have been with y'all at church...looking at Nina's tummy.

glad you're home though...i miss reading your blog.

LuLuBelle said...

I love that you are back on the blogging. I am on a mandatory lunch break nervous as heck cuz I have so much to do. Looking at your blogs and all relatives and friends comments and blogs as well is the highlight of my day.