Thursday, July 20, 2006

Be Cool

Yesterday, I spent 3 hours at Target with Jess and the girls. Count em, 3. It was a bliss that can only be known by wandering around an ingeniously marketed store with one of my best friends ever (my sister's! BFF's! but I was with Jess) and darling girls that were relatively well behaved. At one point, Jess told the girl's that she was magic. Maddie was doubtful. Jess assured her that she was so Maddie challenged her to make everything in the store free. The girl was very pleased with herself.

Which reminds me, well the BFF thing reminds me. Will I ever get away from high school? Courtney and I had a long talk over some Cafe Rio Tostada's yesterday on the lasting effects of the social dynamics in HS. I can't speak for the ultra popular charmed ones who seemed to have confidence oozing from every pore, because that was not my experience. However, how many of us still find ourselves in situations with the people that you just know were the idol's of their alma mater where you are suddenly thrust back into a very distinct insecurity that you thought you had escaped? I for one am raising my hand. And I know some that would be joining me. Certain social dynamics never change. What's different is that I really don't care anymore, but there are those moments when I start wondering if I'm cool enough? No worries, it usually passes quickly.

I love AC. I heard a radio commentator mention the other day that what separates us from mere animals is not our ability to reason, but air conditioning. Lions? King's of the animal kingdom my foot! They're stuck out in the hot sun under these huge manes of hair. If you ask me, the rulers are cats and dogs. They get air conditioning, and frankly, they're a little spoiled. And so I am now an official member of the human race as I can walk into my home and feel cool air blasting it's way towards me. Maybe we're still in the honeymoon stage, but Ace (ummm, yeah, I named it.....just now) has not yet ceased to amaze me. Makes me giddy everytime.

Oh, and I hate computers. Despite the fact that without them I could not blog and do a number of other things. Hate is a strong word. More like fear. They intimidate me. Granted there are those less computer savvy than myself, but I'm just not a technically minded individual, so it scares me. Savvy?

Yeah, learned some computer lessons the hard way in the last couple days. Thank goodness for parents in the know.


Rachel said...

My sister's BFF's? I don't get it. The Target thing sounds like torture to me, but I may just be having a bad day.

Sarita said...

Because my sister's are my best friends forever Rachel. You just have to crack the code. It's not that hard really.

Target was more of a social wandering than shopping. Good times.

christina said...

I think Rachel was referring to the possesive nature of the apostrophe. As if you were referring to, say, Courtney, who might be considered your sister's (me) BFF.

Sarita said...

Thanks for the clarification!There's nothing like having your disjointed babblings checked for grammatical errors. :)

Manda said...

I have found myself many a time wandering aimlessly, blissfully through the isles of Target. Such a wondrous place. And it brings families closer together. What more could anyone want?

Britten said...

Yes, Target is the "Happy Place"! Feeling blue? Just go to Target :)

I want to wander Target aimlessly with Jessica! No fair! Tell her she has to start blogging again...or emailing, some type of communication.

LuLuBelle said...

I think I'll just go to Target tonight and see what it's all about...would be more fun with daugters or friends though.