Tuesday, June 20, 2006

Name games

I had the pleasure of meeting a girl named Tacy the other day. I asked if she had ever heard of the Betsy and Tacy books and she freaked out. Apparently she is named for the books, and she has never found anyone that has known about them. Makes me want to read the darling books all over again. And if you know not what I speak of consider yourself uncultured swine. Or maybe someone that hasn't had the privilege of reading such fine children's literature from the early 1900's.

Also, I met another Sarah Jones yesterday. First time I had seen one face to face. A little odd as she was about the same height and build, coloring, blond hair, everything. She also asked to speak to someone about a job here. Seriously. A little single white female-ish.


Rachel said...

are you sure you weren't just standing in front of a glass feeling a little imaginative? I know that you can do that...

Sarita said...

Ummmm....no. That all really happened.

But the sad part Rach, is that isnt really all that far fetched.