Thursday, June 08, 2006


Erin's main concern about their photos was Josh being comfortable. Boy doesnt like having his picture taken and it can show. So you can imagine that I was pleased when we finished and Josh asked "So that's it?".


In unrelated news, our apartment will have air conditioning in the upcoming weeks, I watched Ladies in Lavender the other night and then this morning saw a woman at Smith's who looks remarkably like Judi Dench, and above my rather loud music, could hear this woman talking at a bustop a car away this morning. I never realized that I had super hearing skills. I've always felt a little scent impaired, which would explain why my other senses are heightened to super power levels. My father had an exceptionally flat face. No he didnt. I shouldnt blog while half asleep.

And Rachel has some news. And my computer won't let me link it, so go to

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