Tuesday, June 27, 2006

Another Girl At Play

I recently stumbled across this fabulous website. It sounds a little sappy, but the experiences chronicled here have seriously struck a chord with me. It is full of the profiles and endeavors of creative women in their pursuits of business and careers based on their talents. Seeing as how I seem to be surrounded by creative women regardless, I loved it, but it also has served as an inspirational tool for myself. I had put off pursuing anything real in the realm of photography, and other forms of art because it scared me out of my mind. These women have been instrumental in teaching me that I can do these things, and that I don't have to do everything perfectly from day one. Really, I have this new motivation to follow the things I am passionate about. I think I sorta claimed to that before but it wasn't exactly true. Staci, I figured you might like this site especially what with all your endless projects (the girl does everything people). Anyhow, it's worth a lil look see.


I am a tad tired today. Last night consisted of helping pack up Jess' house until about 2am. But they got it done! Courtney came to help, and we had a grand ol time with black smudges covering us from the newspaper we used to wrap the fragile items. I'm sure, make that positive, that Jess and Ryan are more tired than I. Im just glad for them that everything is finally going through. Court and I ran to WalMart for more packing tape. Is it just me or does anyone else, when over the load speaker a voice announces "WalMart associates, please report to children's clothing" half want to show up and see what happens?

Earlier in the day, Courtney and I were looking at cards at Target. Out of nowhere I hear this man's voice disciplining his adolescent son "Umm, doing karate moves in the card isle IS NOT my idea of 'in and out".


Kim said...

Walmart scares me. If i hear any sort of messages...over the loud speaker or subliminally...I feel even more anxiety...and I would be afraid to go and see what really happened. I hear that Walmart is so much fun in Utah...is this true? Because quite honestly - and I think Feyavanya will agree with me on this one since she has been there too - it's like a scary trip into the Twilight Zone in our little town. Like...any minute the music is gonna start and suddenly the entire store will be dancing to "Thriller" and they won't be wearing costumes...because they already look like scary people! In fact, the other day we went there and as we approached the entrance Royce whispers to me, "Here we are at VoldeMART". Is it just us? Feya...do you feel the same???

Kim said...

and...can i also add that you are a sweet sister to help Jess move.

LuLuBelle said...

According to my little brother, who is an "executive" at Walmart and, incidentally, looks just like Mr. Incredible, when you hear "code red" in childrens or Code whatever in whatever deptpartment, it means nothing. They just say that periodically to make people think they are watching you carefully and catching someone doing something bad somewhere so you'd better watch out or they'll catch you too!

Britten said...

Kim is sooooooo correct about our little corner of the Walmart world here. I DREAD going in there!!! But alas, sometimes to save money and/or find that certain thing you need, one has to venture in there. EVERY TIME there is a screaming kid somewhere....it wouldn't be Walmart without one, and sometimes it's one of mine, but still...

Scarey people too...the freaks come out at night...and to the Clovis Walmart!!