Thursday, May 04, 2006

Ter-stellar Adventures

This is a story, all about how, my life got twisted, turned upside down. Kinda. Dad was still working on my car, and so took Jess' out to Provo again yesterday, which left Jess with the Tercel to pick me up from work. It was a ride filled with nostalgia, dust, and whiptastic handling. (That's what it says on the back of the vehicle). We chuckled over the memories in that car, and the sad state it is in at present. And it's lack of shocks. Jess mentioned that she didn't think we'd get picked up in this thing (especially with 3 children in the backseat). But lo and behold, I doubt that I ever had received more attention in a vehicle than this one. Yes, it is something of an eyesore, but how uncommon are old cars on the road? We finally realized that the looks we received were ones of confusion. As I was dressed for the office, and Jess looked pretty good. Maybe one of these things doesn't belong? As we neared my neighborhood, and the steep inclines, the car started making a new, and all together lovely noise. We passed a similar old Toyota that was making such a noise and found reassurance in our new found friend despite his gray beard and tyedyed shirt. He continued to the turn lane, while we waited in traffic. As we finally approached the intersection, our hearts dropped. The bearded fellow was outside his car, with the door open, pushing the car out of traffic.

Seeing how this car is as old as yours truly, I am very grateful that we were designed to age better than these vehicles.

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