Wednesday, May 24, 2006

I'm never reading again

So this past weekend I went to see the highly anticipated Da Vinci Code. I really enjoyed the book, and so couldn't wait to see what the mullet sporting Tom Hanks, and my dear Audrey Tautou (and could someone really tell me how to pronounce her name?) had to offer. While the acting was fine, I was seriously bored. And reluctant to admit it, but bored. It seemed to drag on forever. Courtney fell asleep. We really need to work on this late movie habit. Bob was riveted, and the only one that hadn't read the book. So we decided that must be it. We knew what was going to happen. There was no suspense.

It was fun nonetheless. Went to a new theatre....why, I don't know, but we got 20 cent medium popcorn and sodas. And decided to go on a crusade, following theatre openings, living off all the discounted refreshments we could eat. At the end of the film, Bob turns to us and asks if anyone has checked under the Louvre....."because I'm not going back to church until they do!".

Afterwards, we tried to leave the theatre. But to no avail seeing how all the doors were locked. We asked a nearby employee about the locked doors. He just shrugged his shoulders saying he didn't have the key and walked off. So there we stayed, milling about with the other late movie patrons, wandering from door to door trying to escape. But really I don't know why. This theatre had a huge food court, and endless supply of movies. We finally decided to just stay until the public announcer came on on the big screens and informed us that it was our turn to go to The Island. It happened something like that.


christina said...

i love my sister.

Sarita said...

What a coincidence? So do I!