Wednesday, March 29, 2006

Blog Invasion

This really happened in one day at work.....we had this little convo about the "people downstairs"(executive and boss types) and what might they think of us cuz we don't know as we have little contact with them and then this guy calls me, I help him and he says thanks, your spite of what they say about you downstairs. (where are the cameras???!) Then I hear my work mate on the phone saying "what do we consider 48 hours? ummm... 2 days? that made me chuckle the the next call was the best. This guy says is the class at 5:30 am? friend says....No, I wouldn't be able to be here that early to open the door.... guys says, well I'm up that early....friend says well I'm up but only have one eye opened...guy says, well I only have one eye....friend laughs heartily but guy is silent. friend says, I guess that isn't so funny. Guy is silent.

P.s. HUG!


Sarita said...

Quite the day Mom. You forgot to mention the IT guy that you made me have a conversation with on your speaker phone who apparently is in love with me but did offer to buy me a new car so I can come to visit....might have to look into that.

Sarita said...

And Mother, not that I don't heartely welcome your litle invasions, but let's try updating YOUR blog. Hmmmm?

Rachel said...

Oh, I didn't get that it was you, Lulubelle, until now. duh.

it is more fun to update someone else's. Just like cleaning!

Kim said...

i can't figure out how to update someone else's blog...or else i'd update Lorianna's and Feyavanya's to give them a boost. tell me how!
and Lori....i miss you.

LuLuBelle said...

Kimberlina! I miss you terribly!!!!